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    Top 6 Modular Kitchen Design Trends to look out for in 2022

    An ideal kitchen is functional, organized, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Modular kitchens offer the most efficiency, with cutting-edge features and stunning aesthetics, making them hard to ignore. According to a recent study, there has been a 350 per cent increase in demand for modular kitchens in India in the last six months.

    With the best modular kitchen in Raipur, you can customize the design in different styles and with varying functionalities. In fact, the best modular kitchen in Chhattisgarh offers the perfect blend of style and efficiency that is continuously evolving.

    With new design trends continually emerging to enhance customer experience, we have compiled 6 must-try modular kitchen design trends for 2022. Not only are these trends high on style, but they are also very effective.

    Check them out.

    Experiment with open shelving.

    Fully enclosed kitchen shelves have become a thing of the past. In modern times, open shelving is a viable option to consider. However, it is essential to note that open wooden or glass shelves are ideally compatible with contemporary kitchen aesthetics. This trend is especially worth experimenting with if you have a narrow and small kitchen without much space for cabinets and drawers. Nevertheless, open shelves can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen, even if it's spacious.

    Consider strategic storage modules.

    It's no secret that old-school, bulky cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Hence, now is the best time to embrace clean-lined cabinets and drawers. Choose handle-less cabinet doors so you can operate them with a light touch when you're on the go. Furthermore, deep and shallow drawers will enhance the functionality of your kitchen. The same can be used to store spices or utensils in an organized manner.

    Skyler's space-saving corner units feature kidney-shaped pull-out shelves that rotate beyond the standard 90 degrees so that they fully retract into the back and make the most of kitchen corners that often go unused.

    Add a kitchen island with storage options.

    Kitchens with a lot of unutilized space are subject to this trend. However, it is possible to use smaller, portable versions of islands in kitchens with limited space. Simply installing cabinets, sinks, and sockets to plug in appliances allows the island to serve multiple purposes. For example, the island can be used as a separate storage area without disturbing the cooking area, as a fully functional second workstation, or as an alternative to the dining hall for the family members to gather together and eat or gossip.

    Try Matte theme with Quartz finish.

    Matte surfaces give the kitchen a chic and modern appearance. Unlike gloss finishes, matte finishes do not reflect light, which makes dust and grime less prominent. Additionally, countertops play a significant role in setting the tone and vibe of a kitchen. Featuring an array of colours, patterns, and finishing techniques, Quartz conveniently mimics the look of natural stone. Thus, Quartz countertops are your best bet if you want something enduring and classy.

    Skyler’s PU Matte finish renders a sleek look to the shutters with its high-quality coating and proper buffing.

    Get a taste of Tropical Kitchen.

    If you are a nature-loving individual, you should not miss out on this trend. Tropical interiors are characterized by traditional designs and ornamental carvings on wood comprising tropical plants. The presence of a herbal garden or plants inside the kitchen not only enhances its tranquility but also imparts an organic vibe to it. Hence, it is recommended to plant the herbs close to the windows and sinks.

    Invest in Ceramic Flooring.

    The flooring is a vital component of any interior design. Ceramic flooring is one of our top recommendations for small kitchen design ideas. Ceramic tiles have recently experienced a boom in popularity, and their similarity to high-end hardwood floors makes them even more appealing. This trend seems to continue considering how easy they are to maintain and the plethora of designs they offer.

    Wrapping Up,

    Whatever size and space you own, a modular wardrobe can give you the style and the efficiency that makes it worth switching to. Modular wardrobes are easy to build and come customised to have a dedicated space for each item you own. Whether sliding, openable, or walk-in, you can use these 5 simple tips to create a wardrobe that looks and feels modern.
    Another easy way to get your dream wardrobe is by consulting with the experts at Skyler. They will ensure that you get premium, modern, modular wardrobes. Their wardrobes best suit your style and keeps your clothes and other belongings where it will be most efficient to reach for you. So switch to Skyler for the most trendy, bespoke modular wardrobe designs so you can have the best modular wardrobe in Raipur.


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