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    5 popular modular wardrobe designs for efficiency and style

    If you end up with a cluttered and scattered wardrobe every now and then, you probably don’t have the right wardrobe for you. Non-modular wardrobes are a quick and easy solution allowing you to dump all your items on a particular shelf without any organiser or drawers for your clothes and accessories. However, with time your belongings grow and the need to organise them arises inevitably. In the long term, this is not easy to maintain and could lead to lost or ruined essential items.

    Enter modular wardrobes. Modular wardrobes have recently gained immense popularity as they water two plants with one hose. They allow you to quickly and efficiently organise your belongings by utilising organisers on your shelves and in drawers. They are also measured and customised to your room and your requirements. This allows ample space for your clothes and accessories to ensure what you need is within reach and that what you don’t is out of your field of view. With modular wardrobes being the next best thing, here are 5 designs you can use to ensure that you have the best modular wardrobe in Raipur:

    1. Sliding door wardrobe:

    The sliding door wardrobe is fast becoming a favourite among modular wardrobe enthusiasts. This is so because it combines the space saving and efficiency of sliding doors with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. Sliding door wardrobes allow for a more open floor plan as they eliminate the clearance needed by a door that swings outwards.

    Use a nice matte laminate finish, an acrylic finish or even a mesh glass shutter from Skyler to give your sliding doors a nice clean look and make your room brighter and more aesthetically pleasing. Skyler also offers soft closing and easy operating sliding systems to make your cupboard silent and satisfying to open and close.

    2. Glass panels:

    Glass is a one-stop solution that promises to hold all your valuables in style and give you a rustic look to match. Even though it may be a lesser-used material because it is prone to stains and scratches; glass is slowly gaining a foothold in the modular wardrobe design world. With a frosted or mesh glass look, you can get a sneak peek of the items inside while retaining a bit of mystery for guests who wish to pry.

    Skyler offers unique mesh glass panels that use premium glass with fabric and mesh panels that are resistant to scratches and stains.

    3. Division racks:

    The best modular wardrobes in Chhatisgarh use division racks to organise clothes. Pull-out racks, shelves, drawers, and hanging rails come with dividers and organisers to keep your items clean and easy-to-access setup. They can also help to hide all the unnecessary things you wouldn’t use daily while keeping them within reach for when you want them. Moreover, division racks have one more hidden advantage, which is they look a lot more modern and showcase your clothes in a more aesthetic manner.

    4. Lighting and mirrors:

    Don’t shy away from installing lighting inside your modular wardrobe. Highlighting your clothing and accessories with good lighting can make it easier to find the clothes you need and elevate your wardrobe's look. Whether strip lighting along the shelf or spotlights at the top of the wardrobe, never underestimate the power of good lighting.

    Mirrors, too, can be a great addition to your wardrobe as it would be the one place you would want to see yourself. One great way to utilise mirrors is to have them installed on the exterior of your wardrobe doors. This will have a twofold advantage of making your room feel more spacious and allowing you to admire yourself when you’re getting dressed. Mirrors on the inside of your wardrobe, too, can give it a stylish appearance and increase efficiency as you can instantly check your outfit and if it looks good.

    5. Walk-in wardrobes:

    The best modular wardrobes in Chhatisgarh are usually walk-in wardrobes. These traditionally start at around 100 sq feet of space; however, it is possible to create a walk-in that is even more compact. Walk-in wardrobes allow space for every item you could own while giving you a nice cosy area to admire your belongings and yourself while getting dressed. They provide a striking style statement that you value your fashion. They are also practical and economical, giving you space to organise your items for the best efficiency. Consult with Skyler to best design and customise your walk-in wardrobe to suit your needs.

    Wrapping Up,

    Whatever size and space you own, a modular wardrobe can give you the style and the efficiency that makes it worth switching to. Modular wardrobes are easy to build and come customised to have a dedicated space for each item you own. Whether sliding, openable, or walk-in, you can use these 5 simple tips to create a wardrobe that looks and feels modern.
    Another easy way to get your dream wardrobe is by consulting with the experts at Skyler. They will ensure that you get premium, modern, modular wardrobes. Their wardrobes best suit your style and keeps your clothes and other belongings where it will be most efficient to reach for you. So switch to Skyler for the most trendy, bespoke modular wardrobe designs so you can have the best modular wardrobe in Raipur.


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