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  • Customisation with Convenience: Top 5 Benefits of Modular Wardrobes

    Customisation with Convenience: Top 5 Benefits of Modular Wardrobes

    When it comes to having new wardrobes, there are two options that come to mind: pre-made wardrobes purchased from furniture stores that are ill-fitting, and carpenter-built wardrobes that require their presence in your home for a week or two. Also you need to manage every aspect of the process- purchasing sunmica, handles, logistics and much more. These traditional methods of building wardrobes can be inefficient and frustrating.

    But, there is a new option available that eliminates these challenges and provides the best of both worlds. Modern wardrobes = modular wardrobes.

    Let’s discuss them.

    Space utilisation + Mobility

    Freestanding wardrobes are often ill-fitting as they are factory-manufactured in generic sizes.

    However, modular wardrobes are built according to your space and needs without the hassle of managing carpenters. They can also be disassembled and are ready to move.

    This added benefit is particularly helpful for customers looking to build premium modular wardrobes in Raipur.

    Customisation + No involvement

    Carpenter-made furniture requires significant effort and involvement. You'll need to come up with the type of cabinets you need, where to place them, and how big they should be. It's also possible that you may not be familiar with all the different custom cabinets available. Whereas selecting factory-made wardrobes is like choosing readymade casual clothes. Get in the store, check the variety, and take home the one you like.

    Modular closets offer customisations as needed by choosing from a catalogue of available options such as pull-down shoe racks, pull-out hanger cabinets, and other unique features you may not have considered.

    Skyler is Chhattisgarh's largest producer of modular wardrobes. Our team works with customers to determine their priorities, help them select the most optimum combination of cabinets from our wide range of accessories, and give them the best modular wardrobe in Raipur.

    Materials of choice + Free from unnecessary obligations

    With modular wardrobes, you need to pick your style from the catalogue and you are done!

    At Skyler, our streamlined process allows customers to build their dream wardrobe in just one visit. Our expert design team helps customers finalise all details in about an hour, making the process stress-free while ensuring you get the premium modular wardrobe in Raipur you desire.

    Low installation time + Factory finished coatings

    With carpenters, you might have to wait for a couple of weeks and survive those saw-cutting noises and fevicol smell for a couple weeks. Also, the factory-applied coating of hydro-loc and insect repellent of pre-made wardrobes is superior to that of a carpenter, as the machine precision is hard to match.

    By opting for a modular wardrobe, you can select your finishes and cabinets and have them delivered to your home, factory coated, within a few days. Now, this is a luxury you want when looking to build a premium modular wardrobe in Raipur.

    Cost effective + Economy of scale

    Even though factory-made wardrobes are affordable, they don’t fit perfectly in your space or reflect your style.

    On the other hand, custom-made wardrobes from carpenters are built precisely according to your specifications. They reflect your style and utilise space effectively. This makes them cost-effective.

    Modular wardrobes combine precision and fine finishing with flexibility and customizability.This is because various cabinets and panels are manufactured and assembled to your needs, bringing the best of both worlds.

    Skyler is a market leader in the wardrobe segment and provides a range of innovative custom cabinet solutions so customers can build the best modular wardrobe in Raipur.


    Modular wardrobes are the perfect solution for those who want the convenience and speed of pre-made options, but also want the ability to personalise and customise their wardrobe to their specific preferences and needs.

    Skyler is the leading provider of wardrobe solutions and the largest manufacturer inChhattisgarh. With excellent customer support and extensive expert network you can be sure of a seamless experience and have the best modular wardrobe in Raipur, ready to be installed. Visit our store and give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations.


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