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    U-shaped Kitchens: Meaning, Benefits and Avoidable Mistakes

    The kitchen is the last place in your home where you'd want anything to go off. One thing out of place, and it ruins your cooking experience completely. Do you know of the perfect kitchen law? Most probably not. Laws are made so that we can avoid mistakes and U-shaped kitchens follow this perfect kitchen law.

    U-shaped kitchen & Perfect kitchen law

    U-shape is a type of kitchen layout in which cabinets are installed on three adjacent walls. This gives it the appearance of the letter U.

    The perfect kitchen law says that the three most used elements of the kitchen, i.e. stove, sink and refrigerator, should be positioned in a triangle for minimum movement and maximum efficiency when cooking.

    The U shape layout naturally follows the perfect kitchen law and hence makes for a greatlayout choice.

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    This layout can be made even more perfect by getting those tweaks and adjustments according to your needs. You can visit Skyler to build the best modular kitchen in Raipur possible.

    5. Advantages of U-shaped kitchens

    1. Boosts efficiency

    As stated above, because U-shape follows the perfect kitchen law, it maximises efficiency.

    2. Maximises counter space

    U-shape inherently enables the kitchen to have the maximum counter space. This helps you keep your kitchen well-organised and avoid clutter even during hectic cooking sessions.

    3. Provides plenty of storage

    Since the counter space is maximised, so is the area below. This enables you to install the maximum number of cabinets installed and liberates you from the fear of running out of storage.

    4. Facilitates cooking with family members

    Maybe you have multiple family members cooking food. With a U-shaped kitchen, you can have two people on opposite counters. One can chop vegetables, and one can cook, or you can have two stoves and cook efficiently without running into each other.

    5. Supports get-togethers

    Depending on the space, you can have an island installed at the centre of the kitchen. This enables you to host guests or other family members while cooking.

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    An island is a pure luxury. And when we talk about introducing an element of luxury in your kitchen space, #SwitchToSkyler - you won't regret it. Being the largest manufacturer in Chhattisgarh, we promise to provide you with the finest and most premium modular kitchen in Raipur and throughout Chhattisgarh.

    Mistakes to avoid when building a U-shaped kitchen

    1. Compromised floor space

    You should seek expert help when planning a kitchen, or you might end up building one you hate working in. Many times you can be guided wrong and the result will be an amazing counter space with a compromised floor space. So you would have the desired storage, but you would find it very congested to work in the kitchen just because it was not adequately designed.

    2. Inadequate cabinets

    The other very common mistake also stems from not taking advice from experts. Consequently, you can have modular cabinets installed in the wrong area . For example, many modular cabinets are designed specifically for the joints (a joint is a section where the counters of two walls meet). If you install any modules other than those, you will struggle while using them every time.

    The above two mistakes can be avoided by having expert consultation. So visit Skyler, plan everything about your kitchen with industry experts, and build the best modular kitchen in Raipur.

    3. Quality not at par

    Never compromise on quality while building a modular kitchen. Imagine having to exert all your power just to pull-open a cabinet to reach spices while sweating in front of the stove; now, imagine doing it several times a day for years.

    Skyler comes to the forefront when it comes to premium, high-quality modular kitchens. At Skyler, we strive to design and build the best modular kitchen in Raipur and the whole of Chhattisgarh.


    If your biggest concerns are storage, space and counter space, you can't go wrong with a U-shaped kitchen. They are the best choice if space permits.

    Skyler manufactures the widest collection of modular kitchens in Chhattisgarh. This allows us to control every aspect of the production process and churn out the greatest quality products. Having great experience in this industry has helped us to provide you with expert planners who hold your hand and help you design the most appropriate kitchen for you. You can visit our showroom to kickstart your process of building the best modular kitchen in Raipur best because it is customised for your needs.


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