1. Can you help me with the design for my kitchen?
  2. We have a team of designers and architects working with us, who would design and develop your layout and provide you 3D drawings for your kitchen.

  3. What is the maintenance required for modular kitchens?
  4. Modular kitchens are quite simple to maintain. Based on the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a few common practices will ensure the long life of your kitchen.

  5. How can I choose the best modular kitchen?
  6. All the kitchen layouts are best in their way when it comes to your living space and lifestyle. The best cooking space with a perfect layout defines the best modular kitchen for you, all the layouts have sizes and shapes in their own different way. We support and consult you with the best design option for your home.

  7. What are the main advantages of a modular kitchen?
  8. -Easy to assemble
    -Minimal space

  9. Is a chimney necessary?
  10. To ensure quick expulsion of the oil, smoke, vapors, etc. from the kitchen, the chimney must have placed right above the hob/stove. Not only chimneys ensure a cleaner breathing environment in your kitchen, but they are also quite functional with built-in lights, etc. and, they are designed in a way that they only add to the beauty of your kitchen.